I help organisations to

Engage users and stakeholderds

Find new perspectives

Develop enthusing experiences

Engag users and stakeholders

I drive innovation by engaging with users and stakeholders to help them relive and reflect on their experiences. This way I create a rich insight into their needs, concerns, and ambitions.

Find new perspectives

To bring these insights alive I make use of photo’s, quotes, illustrations and videos. These help teams to take on a broader perspective to find new opportunities and create more user-centered products and service concepts

Develop enthusing experiences

Through prototypes, I help organizations and users grasp the impact of new products. Helping me to develop experiences that brings enthusiasm to the people who create and who will use them.


User experience research & design

Thomas completed his graduation assignment with us. We got to know him as an independent and enterprising person with good social skills. The results of his research have given us great insights that we can certainly use in the future.

Annemarie van der Keur
Office Communication and Interior design manager at IKEA Intersystems

Decreasing the experience of nuisance in open-offices

for IKEA Intersystems

Redesigning the self-scan experience

for IKEA Delft

Tackling parenting stress

for TU Delft

PASS: Future of Housing in Rotterdam

for Municipality of Rotterdam

Redesigning the self-scan experience

for IKEA Delft

Tackling parenting stress

for TU Delft

Value proposition development


EKHO: a digital prototype

for IDEO Course

Communication and Graphic Design

Wij hebben de samenwerking met Thomas als zeer prettig ervaren. Thomas heeft voor ons aan een mooie en kwalitatieve infographic gewerkt. Wij zijn erg tevreden over de creatieve input die Thomas geleverd heeft, de manier waarop hij onze feedback verwerkt heeft en zijn duidelijke manier van communicatie.

Leroy Niekoop
Programme Officers at Lawyers for Lawyers

Showcasing the achievements of 2020

for Lawyers for Lawyers

Transitioning to the ‘New economy’

for the municipality of Rotterdam

Inspiring new partnerships

for X! Delft

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