Stakeholders: Lawyers for Lawyers

Project brief

Lawyers for Lawyers is an organization with the purpose to protect human rights lawyers worldwide. Globally, sixty volunteer lawyers work for the organization, accross thirteen chapters.

The organization wanted to showcase the impact their lawyer volunteers make, through social media channels. To achieve this we created a two-page infographic, explaining the purpose, approach, and achievements of the organization.


A two-page infographic

My activities

Visual communication / Illustration / Copywriting

For the format for the infographic we found inspiration in infographics by organizations, that resonated with the mission and purpose of Lawyers for Lawyers. Where we for instance outlined our content in a similar way to this infographic by the UN on Women’s rights. While we decided on the visual analogies, written copy, and the use of color, through an iterative process. Starting with simple explorative sketches on paper, which through discussion were developed into the final illustrations.

Lawyers for Lawyers has the purpose to draw attention to threatened human rights lawyers globally. To communicate this we came up with the visual analogy of the theater, which is accompanied by the statement within the ‘About us’ section. Next to this, we provided readers with some general information, that helps readers to grasp the reach of the organization and understand the actions they take

To clarify the impact of the many written interventions by Lawyers for Lawyers, we presented these papers instead as sources of hope and support. Through paper planes providing fuel to the fire and care packages, symbols of hope and support. Through this readers should be able to understand the political and social-cultural impact of these written manifests, letters, and statements that Lawyers for Lawyers contribute to.


The infographic was published on Linkedin in februari 2021. Currently it can still be found at the ‘About us’ page one the Lawyers for Lawyers website and is used in public presentations to introduce the organization. I’m especially proud of how I helped Lawyers for Lawyers to sharpen their copy and align this with the visuals throughout this project.