Stakeholders: Traineeship department for the municipality of Rotterdam

Project brief

As an assignment during the application for their traineeship, the municipality of Rotterdam asked me as a participant to create a vision and initial strategy to accelerate their transition to a circular economy.

As a citizen of Rotterdam I wondered how circular or more sustainable products, could become more accessible to neighborhood communities. These products are usually quite costly because they are produced on a significantly smaller scale than most products, which are currently the standard. While neighbourhoods as a collective could bargain a lower price for these goods, when providing local entrepreneurs, with a guaranteed demand.


a visual strategy poster

My activities

Sketching / Visual communication

Therefore, I developed a strategy to help these neighbourhoods form lasting partnerships with local entrepreneurs.

The poster shows how entrepreneurs and neighbourhoods could realize these partnerships. While also showing opportunities to stimulate educational institutions to help their students become local entrepreneurs. This way the municipality can also provide better job security, which is another surging issue within the municipality.

The style of visualising turned out toe be quite effective. Where I was able to quickly distinguish characters of different parties and give them an individual touch, using one basic stroke and different colors.


I enjoyed creating this poster because I challenged myself to explore a new visual style for the people’s facial expressions and heads on the poster. Creating this poster allowed me to play with this style, where I learned that drawing characters like this was really effective.

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Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is H_LogoHaas2@3x.png
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